God created her, I carried her, now she is my happiness and my laughter.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Update since the Washington trip

It is two hours past Jacey's normal wake up time and she is still sleeping away. So I thought I would get on the computer to post an update as she is sure to get up and demand all my attention as soon as I sit down.

The girls have been back from Washington for a few weeks now, where they had been visiting their dad. The first week they were gone was really rough for me. I had big plans to clean and organize the house and yard,  visit friends and do things at the church and in the community. But, I couldn't get past my bed. I was so depressed. I felt completely drained of all my motivation and energy. After work and to keep my mind from thinking about all the horrible things that were happening with the kids in Washington, I desired only to lay in bed and watch movies.

But, in the second week they were gone, I started to go through a nesting trance, like when a mother is expecting a baby. I would come home from work and do the most random things as if I were preparing for their home coming. I bought craft supplies so we would have things to do when they got back. I cleaned and started organizing the house. I planned new sleeping arrangements for the girls which involve a bunk bed in my room and the girl's room turning into a play room. My sister pointed out what a great idea this was because late night talks about life and the world would really bond us. I thought back to when I was a kid sharing a bunk bed with my sisters. We would do the same thing, talking til late and looking out the window contemplating life. Ah, the memories of country life. I sure miss my childhood. So, I'm excited to share a room with the girls. I'll never forget the feeling I had after one of Jason's deployments. During said deployment, I had really started to desire to turn my life around. I was seeking to get my heart right with God. I still really struggled with depression and though I didn't recognize it at the time, my marriage was really struggling. Our future was on the edge of a cliff. We came back to Washington to our regular house and good yard. We had nice furniture and a great car. (My dream car, a camaro) But, I felt overwhelmed with "stuff". Stuff to clean, stuff to organize, stuff to fix, stuff to care about, stuff to maintain. Somehow I got it in my mind as Jason was dreaming about owning an RV one night that if we lived in one, our lives would be better. The small space appealed to me. I begged Jason to move us into an RV and he was more than happy to comply since he was currently in the mood for buying an RV. The feeling of comfort and peace that I had from moving into a small space, cozy and snug is the same one I have about putting bunk beds in the room. I'm pulling the family closer together. We'll be snug and warm in our little space in the room and the girls and I can really bond.

In the second week the girls were gone, I also learned to completely rely on Jesus as my friend, protector, Savior, provider and comforter. I had originally planned to go to China with a friend during the girls absence. That fell through. My Russian friend also went to China and I felt very alone. Though I had family and friends, my two friends in China were the ones who kept me active and going. They did things with me and encouraged me to be away from the house and being productive. Learning to stay home and be alone was a good thing. David was also going through some spiritual changes and I was really starting to fall in love with my alone time with Jesus. He put me in a place where He was literally the only one that I felt could comfort me. I grew to rely on him more than my friends in China. I grew to count on him for friendship and comfort more than my other local friends and family. Fact of life: everyone has their own agendas. But Jesus' agenda is always about being there for me. He was only a prayer away at any given time and even when I wasn't on my knees I talked to him like he was always right there with me. I told him my woes and knew he was listening and I shared with him my desires even though I knew He already knew them. My relationship with Jesus was really able to grow. By the time the girls got home, I had a real motivation for things to be different in our home. Honestly, I hate the burden of raising the family all by myself. I feel completely over whelmed ALL the time and at the end of every day I always failed at my goals and tasks of the day. But, if I learned anything while the girls were absent it was that Jesus never fails. He doesn't mind if I mess up either. He helps me get back up and reminds me what my goals are.

I often shy away from expressing too much emotion. So, the day the girls were supposed to arrive any smile on my face or excitement in my expressions were truly genuine. As I always do, I planned in my mind how our reunion would be. I expected Emma to run to me and for Jacey to fly into my arms as fast as she could with a huge smile on her face. And the enemy who took them from me would vanish never to take my girls from me again. So, I had mixed emotions when Jacey took a moment in confusion to determine why I was now standing in front of her. It was probably only half a second in real time, but the time it took her to look at me, smile and fly into my arms felt like a minute. Emma, of course, did run to me from a distance and it was nice to give her a long hug just her with out having to share a hug with Jacey. The enemy didn't vanish, either. Even as we walked out of the airport my baby looked around saying "Dada?" I was torn between being thankful she had bonded with her dad to being very angry that she was being fooled into thinking he was being a part of her life. Since at her young age she doesn't know future visits are in the works. It is not my place to decide what the girls think about their father, though. They are certainly allowed to love him and since they MUST go visit, they might as well have a good time and enjoy it. It is my own pains and selfishness that cause me such anger. I have prayed so fervently that God protect my girls from emotional pains that I know he will not deny them a peace and comfort in all this.

Jacey was tired from her travels and Emma was excited to be home. It was a good 24 hours before Jacey stopped whining about everything and Emma bombarded me with questions and comments for 48 hours straight. It was a very trying time when I had fantasized about such perfection. I soon realized that my kids hadn't changed that much, I had simply gotten used to two weeks of no responsibilities. I forced myself to get back in the groove of having the kids around and it has since been a real blessing. I wouldn't give them up for the world. Between their last visit and the dealings Jason and I had in court recently, Jason and I hadn't spoken directly to each other in weeks. When we finally did have a conversation, it was pleasant but he is still just as selfish as he ever was only caring about what is best for him and not so much about the girls. I'm fine with that, really. I happy to have the girls to myself in a safe place for now. Until Jason gets saved that will never change. I know that God will always have the girl's best interest at heart and I keep reminding myself that my own sins got me in this situation. I will charish every moment I have with the girls and I will not waste any day we have together. And the girls simply have been a joy since they have been back. There is a lot of work ahead of us on all fronts. But it's a learning experience and I think we are doing ok.

Since the girls have been back, I've been compared to Jason's girlfriend and Jason is always trying to incorporate his girl friend in his talks with the girls. I reminded Jason that until there is a ring on her finger there would be no reason for her to be a part of the girl's life. I had a ring on my finger and still he left after 5 years. The last thing the girls need is to be attached to someone else in their dad's life only to have that person leave or be left in another 5 years. I'm quite certain this will have absolutely no affect on how Jason conducts his relationship with his girlfriend around the girls; but I pray, again, that the girls own emotions will be spared. Trust, I must in Jesus, just trust. (I just made up that little diddy right now.) I would say that is the theme of my life right now. Trusting in Jesus has really made things easier in a time when I really really couldn't have done it with out him.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Motherly Instincts

God made mothers to nurture and protect their children. Especially in the animal kingdom, some animal mothers are simply incredible. One of the worst mistakes any other animal or human being can make is taking a baby from it's mother.

We are all too familiar with the angry mother grizzly who would go to great lengths to protect her cub, even attacking people (which is out of character for a bear) when she feels like her cub is threatened. I've seen a mother grizzly half the size of a male boar bear attack and defend her two cubs. She was brutally beaten by the boar but she refused to give up and finally, though she was weakened, the boar left and the cubs were safe. 

Wildebeest are also very protective of their young. When predators are near, the mothers push all the babies into a group and then they surround the babies. The rest of the herd surrounds the mothers. Sometimes they are doing this on the run.

A mother cheetah who lost her cub searched for days, though she had two other cubs that she had to leave alone in the "den." She would go to where the cub was last detected and she would mew for him to return. A family who would normally be continually on the move to avoid predators, stayed put out of love and devotion to the lost cub.

The list of mothers protecting their young goes on and on. It is a natural mother's instinct to want to protect your baby. God made it that way. The animal kingdom is a great place to see how God intended  things to be. It is only natural to react in strange and seemingly abnormal ways when you feel like your baby is in danger. Some might consider it over reacting, but a mother's instinct to protect is there and it is good.

Tonight is the eve of the day I have to give my baby away. But, the thing is, it's impossible for me to do this. My motherly instincts are kicked into high gear and I see danger signs flashing on the road ahead. My heart and mind is saying don't leave your baby with strangers. It is my job to watch over her. I think about someone taking her out of my arms, walking away from me with her in their arms and I can do NOTHING! In a world that God made to be one way, society has turned it into something else. A mother can't just protect her baby anymore. Now, if some random judge says so, you are forced to give up your child. I have no choice but to watch my baby, unknowing, innocent, and confused be taken from me for longer than she will understand. I can't kick, I can't scream, I can't tackle someone to the ground, I can't run away, I can't change the rules. I have to go against everything God put in me that is natural and I have to force myself so do something unnatural. It's such an impossible task that only God could help me through it. I'm thinking about tomorrow and how every item I pack in a suit case, every preparation I make for her travel I'm basically saying I'm ok with this. But I'm not. I'm not ok at all. I don't want to have any part in sending my baby away. I need a strength that I fear I will never have. It's God that makes tomorrow happen or it's no one. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Having brought in the New Year

It's never to early or too late to make changes. Last year at this time we had brought in the new year at Liz and Josh's house with board games, pigs in a blanket and an unexpected fireworks display from the porch. I was pregnant for Jacey and had no idea my marriage would soon fail.

In February Jason asked for a divorce and though it was a very trying time, it was my big opportunity to get back on track in my relationship with Jesus, start being faithful to a church, taking my family to church and having the opportunity to stay in a place I absolutely love, being near family. I stayed several months in prayer and Bible reading but as I had always feared, my devotional times became less and less the more comfortable I became in my situation.

By May I was hardly reading my Bible and never praying more than just a quick whisper through out the day. I was still enjoying church, though; and especially Sunday school.

I tried to get a summer job but over all God was taking care of all my needs. I had transportation, a place to live by July with David, people were volunteering to watch Jacey and Mom and Karen were pitching in to put Emma in school. God had supplied all my needs and wanted to leave me needing Him so I still didn't have a job by the time school started. Turned out to be a blessing as I was very busy. Juggling school and the kids was stressful. I constantly felt like I wasn't giving enough at school or at home. But, in my business and having absolutely no energy by the end of the day I found my devotions went even further to the way side.

By Thanksgiving and the coming winter break, I was faltering quite a bit. I knew reading my Bible would be helpful but when I opened it up, I felt like I could never find a good place to start reading. I began to fall back into the false sense of feeling that I couldn't come before the Throne of Grace because I wasn't being faithful in other things. Going to church was not yet a "chore" but I was definitely going to bed Saturday nights wishing I could just spend the next day at home relaxing and getting ready for the next week.

Finally, Christmas came and went and I was starting to get in that mood of change. The new year was approaching. God was really speaking to me through more financial trials. On new year's eve I finally said enough was enough. I had recently been looking over my sister's blog, http://domesticarmour.blogspot.com She had a series on prayer posted that was a 4 week long study. It dawned on me, I had a great devotional right at my finger tips and I decided not to  put off getting back on track any longer. I read the first two parts of the series. It was so fun, I didn't want to stop reading.  I opened my Bible to read the verses she posted. I took notes. I put reminder notes on my white board and spent several minutes in prayer that morning. I took Emma on my lap and told her what I had gotten out of my devotions. She decided she also wanted to spend some time in prayer and ran to her room to pray for her dad. It was so precious and I was feeling so encouraged.

My day yesterday went so well. I had much patience for the kids. We ran errands, were in good moods, had money to spend on things we needed, used some Christmas gift cards and then ate dinner at Arbys.

You know those good days with the Lord where you are just so happy to be alive, so happy to be a Christian that you'll randomly talk to strangers, make jokes with cashiers, say hello to passer-byers? Well, completely out of character for me I turned and asked a lady how old her baby was. I don't know why I did it. It must have been the Lord working through me. Because I know in my flesh, I do not like other people's kids and I certainly don't want to start a conversation with someone. She turned out to be quite the talker. Her husband was with her but even still she proceeded to tell me how she and her husband were on the verge of divorce since the baby had been born. She spoke of it heartily, would turn to her husband and laugh nervously. He refused to look me in the eye as I'm sure he was embarrassed. (Poor guys) Even more so out of character for me, I ended up giving the lady (Dawn was her name and her baby was Lily) my number and told her to contact me before the 15th when school started so we could get together. They are a military family, here in Tucson with no family or friends. My heart went out to her and for her situation. I felt like there was little advice I could give since I was standing there as a recent divorcee; but I prayed the Lord would guide my words and conversation to be encouraging. I told her that I could introduce her to some other ladies from my church. Secretly my hope was that someone who wasn't divorced could maybe get to know her and be a help to her. I know this meeting was of God. I was so happy to have been used by Him and I knew this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't have been in my devotions that morning.

I called my sister on the way home and asked her to pray for Dawn and we talked about how her blog had been such a blessing to me. It was a great conversation. I came home to David, ready and happy to go to church with me that night. We brought in the new year playing church volleyball, eating popcorn and talking about dreams, regrets, blessings and future. It was such a good day.

This new years day the devil thought he would try to mess things up by having the kids get up early and getting me distracted wanting to get my projects started. I ended up calling mom to create a P.O.D. (plan of the day). As she told me about her devotions that morning I remembered what a blessing I had yesterday and decided it really was important to start the day right. So, I have just finished doing another part in the prayer series and it has been another great start to my day.

Here's to trying harder this year to do what's right every day. I always love how Pastor puts it, "Make Jesus look good, today."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Rare and Surprisingly Disappointing Opportunity

Fantasy. Things we dream up, but never get to live in real life. Good, pleasant things. Girls, day dreaming about a future husband and what it will be like. Letting your mind run wild with images and ideas of a perfectly romantic evening with your loved one.

I remember being a kid and writing down the ideal perfect husband, how many kids I would have, what their names would be, how many animals we would have on the farm that was a given we would live on. Real life sure turned out different. M.A.S.H. was certainly NO indication of who I would really marry or what job, car or house I would have.

And though I married a man I never would have thought I would be attracted to, I had a child right away when I hadn't planned to, I was in the Navy instead of living on a farm; I actually WAS living a fantasy. In a way, I feel a little proud about that. I don't think many adults in the world could say they lived a fantasy.

I created a fantasy for my marriage and my family and for 5 years I was given the privilege to live through it. My husband loved me unconditionally and was the model husband causing jealousy amongst my other married family members and friends. He listened to me and came home from work wanting to be involved with the family. We were intimate every day and sometimes more than once a day. He always came running when I was crying. He carried my burdens and fought my battles. My husband was a good father. He was involved in my daughter's life, concerned about her up bringing, played with her, taught her how to do things on her own and taught her about life.

And, yes, for 5 years, I believed all of the above were true. But, the thing with fantasy is that it's all just a big lie. It's not real even if you get the opportunity to live it. Like a good dream it fades away when you open your eyes. And that's exactly what happened. I opened my eyes.

I like a TV series called Once Upon a Time. It's about Disney movie characters we all know and love (Cinderella, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, ect. ) and they, through a curse by the Queen from Snow White, are sent to live out a "real" life in the "real" world. The curse was meant to take away their happiness and to show that the cartoon life they were living was just a fantasy. In the series, though, Snow White and the Prince have a child before the curse can take place. They send the child through a magic portal to the real world ahead of them. This is done so that she can save them from the curse when she is older.

It sounds a little funny, but I actually relate to this story. Jason and I had what seemed like a great marriage and a great family. But, because it was just a fantasy I had created in my mind, we ended up being put through a "curse" 5 years later where we were forced to come face to face with reality. My husband never loved me unconditionally. He loved me out of guilt. He behaved like the poster husband because of pride. He pretended to care about his children's upbringing because of a false sense of duty. When the lies and the living of a fake life became too much, I was finally given the opportunity to open my eyes and see that we weren't living in reality. I don't know what Jason's version of the "fantasy" we lived would be, but we both treated each other poorly, no matter how much good there seemed to be, because neither of us, in reality, wanted to be with each other. I often times searched else where for attention and fell into depression because there was a part of me deep down inside that knew my marriage wasn't right. I hate that we involved children in our fantasy, but in a way they are like the child sent ahead of time to save, at least me, from my own insanity.

Does the fantasy I lived come back to haunt me? Of course! Was it fun while it lasted? Sure. Do I painfully miss many parts of our fantasy? I used to! But, that's all it was. Five years of lies, back stabbing, and hypocrisy. I feel like "everybody's fool" when I look back on all the lies I was led to believe over the years and I could kick myself for not listening to that little voice in my head telling me something just wasn't right. No matter which way you look at it, no matter what things could have been different, Jason and I were never meant to be together because EVERYTHING about our relationship was a lie.

So, in conclusion, I keep reminding myself of these things. Every good memory I have is null and void because it wasn't real. The man I thought I fell in love with is really just some guy I made up in my head. The man I actually had is nothing like I would ever want in real life. And like wise, the woman Jason married was certainly not who he intended to love all his life.

I'm glad my fantasy is over. And the reality is that the girls and I are much better off. Reality is that I needed the girls in my life to keep me grounded. Reality is that we needed God in our lives, not some fake fantasy.

Winter Break

This has been a strange Christmas season for us. We are living in Arizona permanently, I started school,  and Jacey is joining us this year.  Though I have managed to make a couple batches of chef mix, I did not get a Christmas tree or lights hung. Fortunately, Christmas is being held at mom and dad's where a live tree stands fully decorated and cooking baking is planned for later this week.

I quickly came to realize this winter break that I was not going to be able to do all the traditional things I normally do. And that's ok. Personally, I could not be happier. I really enjoyed fall semester at school and, frankly, wish there wasn't such a long break. I like to stay busy. I like to have something that I have to do each day. On the other hand, I've made a list of winter break activities to do and spending some time at home with the kids should be nice for all involved.

Next semester I'll be going full swing with more classes then before and will also be looking for a job as well. So, I'll be very busy. This will be a trying but most likely needed break.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Girls

When I watch other people's kids (which happens VERY infrequently) I realize how strict and firm I must seem to Emma and others who watch me around my kids. My mom has told me before that I sound mean and I scare children. My response was always, "Well, kids need to realize they can't get away with stuff." And having an education in dog training it's all too easy for me to see the similarities in child and dog "rearing." I also shrugged off my mom's comments because I often feel like Emma does not behave as well as I would like her too.....so I must not be too scary. (Of course I don't think scaring your kids is the way to obedience.)

I had a respectful fear of my dad. When he came home the house had better be clean and quiet. My mom used to tell us that while his job wasn't always physically taxing, his mind was working very hard. So when he came home we needed to be quiet and let his mind rest. We didn't mess around with my dad. We always did what he asked us to do on first command and if we tried to argue or talk back we got spanked. He expected us to be clean, thorough and intelligent. And I was in no means "ruined" by that life style as a kid. Now that I'm a mother I can see how nice it must have been for my mom and dad to have kids that they always trusted to obey.

On top of that, I'm also not a very patient person when it comes to kids. If I didn't make the mess I don't want to have to clean it up. So when a kid spills something because they were messing around at the table I get very frustrated. I've had Emma cleaning up her own spills for quite some time now. Yesterday, I told Emma not to let Jacey play in the water. Well, of course there's not a lot Emma can really do if Jacey does play in the water so I'm not sure what I expected. But, Jacey put her hands on the side of the kiddie pool that's full of water in my kitchen right now, and water started to spill out. I said, "Emma! Why did you let Jacey play in the water?" She said, "Can I clean it up with the mop since it was my fault? Pleeeaaaasssseeee?" I'm thankful she enjoys cleaning up her messes. (Or Jacey's messes...and technically my mess since I really should have been the one watching Jacey.)

Having been raised in the way that I was raised and my lack of patience when it comes to kids, has made me a very strict mother. I expect Emma to be mindful of what she (or Jacey) is doing. I expect her to clean up after herself, to get her own drinks, to pour her own cereal, to get ready for bed, to help me with Jacey, to learn to do things for herself, to learn to do things for Jacey.....I expect SO much from my little 4 year old. And I have to say, after realizing how much I truly expect from her, I'm SO proud of her. She does all this and more like it's just another day in the life of a 4 year old. Half the time Emma doesn't want my help. She wants to figure it out for herself. It was always my intention to make Emma self sufficient, to take care of her own problems and not to whine about things that don't go her way. Every day I feel like I'm failing until one day I have something to compare to and I realize she's well above and beyond the expected.

I'm so proud of my girls and for a moment I'm not beating myself up. Now if I could just do something about that attitude!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Few more days of freedom

I am almost ready for school. Have my pencil bag, new clicky pencils and eraser, paper, notebooks, bad hair day hat, easy-on-the-go hair cut, babysitters lined up, a car to use (which was a pretty big deal), backpack I don't like but will use, a plan for morning down-time waiting for classes....everything but my books which is enough to make me feel stressed and nervous. I have never started classes with out my books before. I'll be "that guy" or girl. But, as there always is with the government, there were some issues with paperwork. I should be getting my book stipend soon. I also had hoped to get some new school clothes, but I'll have to make do with what I have in my closet for now. I really wish I could have started the semester with my stuff from Washington. I could have had plenty of clothes, a calculator and just all my comforts of having my own things. But, it wasn't in the cards for me to get that stuff right now.

I am not, however, prepared to leave my girls. It's been a fun two-year run being a stay at home mom and this momma's heart is breaking already thinking of how busy I'll become and what little time (in comparison) I'll have with the girls. I hate thinking of the "firsts" I'll miss with Jacey and I fear Emma's behavior will change dramatically. She is going through so many major changes in her life right now. A divorce she can't understand, a new sister, her mom is going back to school full time which might feel like abandonment at first because of her Dad already being gone. I'm already seeing a lot of signs of her struggling quite a bit. Her obedience level has gone way down, she's extremely clingy, and her attitude is not pleasant. She's often grumpy and irritated. I know I could be doing a better job dealing with all these changes and I've definitely failed on many levels to make the transition easier on her. It's never too late, though, and I plan to make the most of these last few days. I have even fewer days with just me and the girls as Jason is arriving on Saturday to visit.

In this time, I've been so thankful for family near and far, related or otherwise. God, for one, has been amazing! As He always is, of course, but for the first time in my life I see how much God loves me. And I literally tear up every time I think about it. The thought most comforting to me, which Patty McCarthy has to continually remind me of, is that God loves MY GIRLS even more than I do. When I remember that, I do feel more at ease. Like, it's not my burden to bare. I leave the worries I have for my girls with the Lord and it definitely makes my days pass by easier.

Church family has also been amazing. I like to try and do things myself before I seek too much help from others, but the amount of people who have genuinely offered their help have been astonishing. Some people it seems more of formality to say, "Let me know how I can help." But, others you can tell by they way they look you right in the eye and touch your arm and share their own stories and insist you let them help in any way they can, that they genuinely love and care about you and want to be a blessing. I've had so many people offer to watch Jacey at no charge that I've had a hard time choosing a babysitter. I think in the long run, it will be nice to have several to choose from as I'm always going to have something different going on each day.

My family has been amazing. I always knew my parents loved me, but being the rebellious child in the family, I always felt like more of a burden to my family. My dad used to tell me when I was a teenager that I would be amazed at how much he would support me if only I were doing the right things. And now, when I've needed my parents more than anything else in the world and I am doing the right thing, for once, I truly have been amazed. My mom and dad always have just wanted to help. I'm devastated and embarrassed at the pains I caused them before; and I'm humbled and honored to be in such loving good graces now.

Liz and Josh have been that happy couple that keeps me in high spirits all the time. Liz will never know how much the little things she does mean to me. She probably doesn't even know she's doing them. I've always been the kind of person who is fine by myself and can live with out friends; but lately I've soaked up every bit of attention I can get. Just swinging by the vet clinic to say hello makes me feel so much better especially since Liz is always so happy. You just can't feel sad around her. I really charish every time she goes out of her way to do something special with me. Gives me some adult time but more importantly, sister time. And Josh has been so great for the girls! Really a great man that they can look up to as a fatherly figure. He's always willing to do something with Emma and never complains. He doesn't mind playing with her and being silly with her. I know he'll be more than willing to do the things with her that a mother just can't do proper like taking her fishing, teaching her to use her bow and gun, cliff diving behind my back and warding off unworthy suiters. I know he will do the same for Jacey, too.

I could not have moved out on my own very easily. I'm so grateful for Dave. Yes, he eats my food. Yes, he and Jake make a lot of noise cooking eggs at 2 in the morning.  But, we get along so well. If I had to live with someone, he's definitely the best choice. My patience level with him is very high. Even in the worst of times (which really aren't that bad) I don't get that mad. He's very easy to live with and if I catch him in the right mood (which I'm learning the art of doing) I can really get him to help me out with quite a few things around the house. I love having another male adult in the house. I feel safer and I have someone to talk to about adult things. David loves new ideas as much as I do. We fantasize about being famous one day either by music or screenplays and he's even interested in writing with me. I'm thankful to have someone to go back to school with and though it's a rare occurrence, when he does spend time with the girls, they really soak it up. They love Dave....for whatever reason :)

I'm so thankful for a family and even in-laws who are there for you when you least expected it. I've relied on certain members of my family in this time in my life that I never would have thought I would have ever relied on before. But, I'm so glad that they were there and frankly some of their advice has been the best I've received. New advice, new perspectives have gone a long way in many areas.

This morning I was thinking I would document my readiness for school. It's no surprise that I completely rabbit trailed off into praise and thanks for God and family. Since I've started giving more of my burdens to the Lord I have kept more inside knowing He's going to take care of it. And these special moments and memories I make with my family are the world to me.
(Jacey just stared at me and smiled so big the whole time I was reading this aloud back to myself to proof-read.)